Samantha Gray
and Her 34 Books

“It was midnight and she was sitting at the keyboard in a dangerous pub of Dubai city, typing in the “About” description of her blog…”

That is me, Samanta Gray, and my writing blog. And just ignore the opening paragraph above, I accidentally copied it from my next book. The one about bad writers.

To give you an overview of how long my writing experience is, I will tell you the year when I wrote my first ever short story. 1970. It’s been in 1970, folks.

And since that fun times of hippies and the Vietnam War I’ve been typing nonsense and publishing it non-stop.

During these 45 years I wrote more than 200 short stories and also 34 fiction novels, most of which even got published.

Some of them enjoyed good critical reception, some of them were received with rotten reviews…

Anyways, my overall experience makes me a person fit to give writing advice.

And that is the reason I created my writer’s blog.

So, from book reviews to tips and recommendations for young writers – it’s all here.


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